I am in the process of getting my dual citizenship through marriage, but doubt that it will be completed by October when we plan on going back to Italy for the winter. Just wanted to confirm I don’t need fotocopie of the modulo 1 that I Don’t worry. You can travel with the receipt as proof! 1. Best regards! 10. Hello Natalie A traveling companion and I are planning to go to Italy for a 6 week art course in Florence. I went to the post office today and got my “kit” – I seriously would have had no clue without this article! Do you think I need to apply for the permesso di soggiorno to be able to leave the country? The interview should be pretty short. Avendo un permesso di soggiorno per studio in fase di rinnovo dall’inizio di giugno (richiesto a maggio ma i rilievi in questura sono stati fatti a giugno, poichè da loro è stato fissato l’appuntamento) il quale rinnovo è di 6 mesi (quindi al 31-12 scadrà) non si può viaggiare nello spazio Schengen. Wow! We are planning to get married a couple months in on her 3 month tourist visa here, if/when we get married, what type of visa do I need for Italy’s permit to stay, and will I need to do the same thing listed in your steps? Hi Natalie, However, that is nothing more than an somewhat educated guess! Worst case scenario, they also have these photo machines at the main Rome quester. Country and go again,how many times we can SO TRUE! You must now sign an Accordo di Immigrazione form at the Questura. More information is available on the Portale Immigrazione in Italian. Thank you. In that case, you will also still have a valid Schengen visa in your passport for any trips. Or this 90 days has a;ready expired once I stepped in the Schengen Area, which is almost 1 year before…. Hi Natalie! Should I start with a student one and take an Italian language course on arrival while looking for a job? David. At last a step by step guide. It is not possible to apply without a visa. I am in a tricky situation, I go back to Milan for university on September (as soon as I get there I’ll begin the process of renewing it), and my PdS expires in October, but I want to go back home for a couple of weeks in December/January for the holidays, and if my PdS takes as long as the last time (6 months), I will have nothing but the receipt as a travel document, besides my passport. And that is the tricky part, my passport does not allow me to enter the Schengen area without a visa, not even as a tourist, and during the holidays I want to travel to my home country in South America, and I don’t think I can exit and enter the Schengen area with just my receipt. I do have a quick question though, my partner and I obtained Italian working holiday Visas prior to leaving our country however completely missed the part about having to apply for the residency permit within 8 days, so we are now well over that time limit. Thank you so much for the reply. I’m making it sound like I’m looking to be a total loafer or Cosmo Kramer in Italy (I’m not, I promise! Thank you for the prompt reply! I am sure it will all go well for you — good luck! Welcome your thoughts? Hi there, I am a student in Italy, applied the permesso in June and had my fingerprinted in early July. Thank god for your blog, so helpful! Many permessi expire on 12/31 (or at least mine always do) so it seems like as good a time as any to try to wade through the process. Thank you Natalie. It is more difficult to change the application appointment, but you can collect it almost any time after it is ready. 5. You should be entitled to one because your wife is a citizen. Certification is designed for people whose mother tongue is not Italian. You should be able to use the receipt from the post office to apply for work. Track your permesso di soggiorno during renew. Is it a problem if I cannot go on that particular date? Otherwise you need to find a way to notify them and be issued a new date and time. Il tutto deve essere consegnato allo “Sportello Amico” degli uffici postali per la spedizione alla Questuracompetente, che rilascerà una ricevuta di avvenut… Thanks for your article. At the post office, take a number. Mio compagno all ingresso via mare alla richiesta del asilo e permesso di soggiorno, ha fornito una data di nascita sbagliata (motivo deceso improvviso dei genitori, che precedentemente l'hanno adottato e partenza improvvisa dal paese, praticamente scappato dopo il deceso violento dei genitori). Some sites seem to indicate that I would have to pay around 1/4 to 1/2 of that in Italian income taxes. Now, nearly 4 years later, we are told that we should have had and now need a permisso di soggiorno to stay. Are we still able to apply for this? Also thank you so much for the directions on how to get there- I looked it up on maps and was like how the heck am I going to get there?! Thanks for your article, can i apply for permesso without “the real” address ? Also, when have you actually had to use it? I am a woman in her early forties just looking to start a new life in Italy with no idea really where to begin. Hi Daniel! Your best bet is probably going to another post office rather than waiting for them to restock. I didn’t make photocopies of the actual kit and now am freaking out I should have. Love this information! Plus photos! Your post is so helpful which I was looking for a month ago. If I have a 4-6 month student visa how long will my permesso be good for? No one really knows how to fill them out. Oh, and I do have one quick question. This is because you have to convert your visa (which grants you access into the country) to a permit of stay (which allows you to actually stay in the country). Thank you for posting! She is the founder and editor of this blog and prefers all of her days to include coffee, gelato, and wine. I don’t think that is an issue at all. I’m very curious about your journey from the US to Italy and hope you’re keeping a blog! Hi I am not able to understand it first the process what I am doing and for what. Don’t panic when the post office is out of kits. I’m wondering what you meant at the end of your post by “start the process over again” after a few months. 15. Hi Anik! Healthcare Insurance: do you think it better to obtain before entry or once there. Good Luck! I believe the best thing is to go in person to request this change of dates. Natalie, We use a re-entry Visa can we come to your That sounds like a tricky one. Your post – especially the pictures – was the most helpful thing I found to help me feel ready. Excelsior! I mean, i have a place to stay, but i dont have a contract with the landlord. We now worry that we might be living here illegally. I have been looking at many and much in the past been covered by employer, once I secure position in Roma area who knows but need think of the family. If so, does she need to start the whole PdS process for this 90 day period, the full year- long intended stay, or not at all at this point? Thanks! As you know, this is a huge step for me and I am so excited for a future in Italy! Travel back to Italy Jan-June under her Student Visa That is fine – they will keep it for you at the station near your home. Previously I was in chicago for years and now shifted to Turin here for work and may stay some years here. It is very helpful Will I be able to pick the appointment date for the Questra? Hi Beatrice! Also, do they keep the passport with them while processing the application ? Do you know if it’s a problem to pick the residence permit after the date they send in the SMS? Question on the health insurance. Anyway thanks for all the articles. Thanks for your quick reply! I don’t want to work in Italy, neither study, I just want to enjoy the museums and the Venetian life style for those 7 months. I still always go at the appointed time, just in case. Hi Sam – that should be possible as long as you have all the receipts and supporting documents. If you are non-EU, you have to get a visa that allows work, or no employers can hire you legally. That is a GREAT question and I do not know. Permesso Di Soggiorno In Italy the temporary residence permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) is controlled by the Polizia di Stato, who are under the tutelage of the Ministry of the Interior. Il permesso di soggiorno per attesa di cittadinanza può essere rilasciato a chi ha già attivato la procedura di accertamento del possesso della cittadinanza italiana fin dalla nascita. Hi Austin – not at all! This is my first time applying, but over here in Florence it is WAY slower. You have to include a photocopy of the visa in your permesso application, so personally I would wait until you have it in hand. Al fine di ottenere un permesso di soggiorno pensionata sufficiente aiuto dalla sicurezza sociale. Thanks. PdS are only issued for trips of 90 days or more, and if you do register within 8 days of arriving, you should get your PdS within the 90 days. Hi Gia, I think you might need the actual permesso but it may also depend on the employer. Once you are married, the UN can support your visa , Hi Natalie Thank you for the article! If you don’t feel like waiting, and have no shame because like me you have lived in Italy long enough to know that waiting in line is for suckers, you can try to jump the queue and ask for a kit. Your post says the receipt will allow you to pick the packet up once you Gah! Hello Natalie, from the police station, I have SMS for a date, the hour when I will be there for received permesso di soggiorno but I cannot go to take it on this date. Hi Emerald, as far as I understand the process – it is the opposite. I guess you’ve never had to go through the hassle of US Immigration. What are my options please, Hi Peter – I would suggest calling the questura directly. However, I was not asked this by the time I got to the permesso application. IT straniero con permesso di soggiorno {masculine} volume_up. Thanks in advance for any help! In this case, I just show up like he does and apply for my PdS, right? Should I start worrying? Rather, you need to receive a work visa before you leave the US. You can find machines that take photos like these for about €5 all over Rome, and especially at metro stations. We are not eligible for a student visa because the course is only 6 weeks. Hi Natalie, Come controllare online se il permesso di soggiorno è pronto? Le lungaggini per il rinnovo dei permessi di soggiorno, il blocco dei ricongiungimenti famigliari, la sanatoria dei soli lavoratori domestici. I want to retire to Italy. You might want to check the official information site: A year (because I thought that was the shortest) or only 4-6 months. I have schengen visa for europe.can i apply for permesso de soggiorno in italy???? If you want to work in Italy, the best way is to have an employer sponsor you. Can you tell me – what is the permesso exactly? Can you tell me if is the problem, can i delay the date for received permesso? You apply for a visa at a consulate in your home country. So I thought it is easy for me but the experince was very different. Dreamtrips alias Worldaventures esperienze? Because I’ll love to stay there with her without having to leave her and be able to eventually get permanent residency through being married to her. If you have any recommendations for best neighborhoods to get in (or stay out of) any tips will be helpful. We dont have a fixed address. Natalie is a travel and food writer who has been living in Rome, Italy since 2010. Utenti che conoscono bene questa destinazione e rispondono spesso alle domande degli altri viaggiatori. Hi Denise – tourist visas are for three months or less, and permessi are only for 3.5 months or more, so you cannot. I submitted the necessary documents to the Italian Consulate in my state of residence to reacquire my Italian Citizenship which they accepted and received a stamped “DICHIARAZIONE DI RIACQUISTO DELLA CITTADINANZA ITALIANA”. Hope it all went well! Hi my name is fred me and my wife was married in austria am Nigeria my wife is Austrian when I wen to post the kit I put my international marriage certificate that was translated and approved but when I got to qestura on my appointment day the polizia didnt collect my international marriage certificate that was translated and approved he then na collected the international marriage certificate like that because he said is already valid in all countries and I was finger printed hope is not a problem.thanks, Hi, thanks for sharing this information. DO NOT sign the form. Hi Natalie, first off GREAT site! For student visas, you can work 20 hours/week and you can look for that work once you get here. Thank You, Natalie, for the useful information!! I will continue to research and hopefully find an answer! Obviously it would help with the paperwork to have a job in the city, but tell me– Is it possible to move to Rome without marrying an Italian or having employment already lined up? The application date is assigned, but not usually the pickup date. We bought an apartment in Verona in March and want to stay for six months. Hey Natalie, I’m Australian and I have a fiance who’s Italian who is actually visiting me in just 2 days, happy new year! My son is 14+ can he enter italy now or You should be fine to travel with the receipt but check the rules of the country you plan to travel to. The permission we seek is that of living legally in Italy. Hi Natalie, I have come to Italy through a Family Reunion Visa and I have applied for my PSD but I have a single entry visa can I come back to Italy to collect my PSD with my post office receipt? For school? Thank you for your wiliness to share this information. Hi Natalie, thanks for your speedy response! So a neighborhood with a metro line- or do you want to be near a train station? No need for a permesso! Here is how you can get your very own Permesso di Soggiorno (Italian permit for stays longer than 3 months): Within 8 days of moving to Italy, you have to apply for your permesso. I have been looking at doing this recently and dreading it and here is your generous and easy to follow guidelines. I used to live in a neighbourhood called Tor Marancia (near Garbatella) – good local character, slightly outside the city wall. Hello Natalie, do you have an idea how long it takes the questura to issue “carta di soggiorno di familiare di un cittadino dell’unione”? Also well connected by road/buses (by the Cristoforo Colombo). I just want to make sure that I didn’t have to make copies of every page of the application (modulo1) and that I’ll be fine showing up with just the copies and original copies you mention above and that the receipt of the application from the post office will suffice? Thanks! Should we make a re-entry Visa.And when I was told that they would get in contact with me when the receive my kit and didn’t receive a reply. At what point in the visa/schengen/permessio process can I apply for national healthcare? 3) On the matter of finances – I have heard that in order to receive a visa/renew one’s permesso, one must have proof of sufficient personal funds, totaling somewhere around $6,600 USD as of August 2016.

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